Institute Adaptive Traffic Control and make what changes we can to mitigate flow and reduce congestion. One example that comes to mind is Trader Joe's. I would do this by:

  1. Requiring an overall traffic study by staff
  2. Requiring a staff traffic and parking study on all new projects


Excercise Best Management Practices and Fiscal Restraint. I propose:

  1. Produce an overall plan and budget for Undergrounding
  2. Produce a plan to address SunRail (future unknown cost)
  3. Create a Finance Advisory Board to inform Commissioners
  4. Remodel Commission meetings - agenda, audio, visual
  5. Appoint City Board Members from recommendations by citizens and commissioners for more balance


Maintain the Character of Winter Park, City of Homes and Trees, by putting a stop to unnecessary changes to the Compehensive Plan or future land use designations/zoning codes.

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